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Body Language Revealed
A 3-HOUR Interactive Workshop That Will Change The Way You Socialize Forever

Every part of the human body reveals intimate details about who we are, what we think, and how we feel. The way we stand, our tone of voice, and how expressive we are with our hands divulge far more than we realize. During this 3-hour class you’ll learn what body language is and how to easily read others. You’ll walk away with the ability to decipher when someone’s lying to you or extremely attracted to you. You’ll also learn what your body language reveals about you and how you can change it for the better.

Gain the Power to Read Others and Build Your Own Confidence… in Just 3 Hours.

Body Language Revealed Gives You the Tools to Decipher Nonverbal Body Cues While Simultaneously Transforming Your Own

Do you ever wish you could tell if someone was trying to cheat you?

Trying to figure out if a fellow coworker is interested in dating you?

Hoping to make a lasting and favorable impression at your next job interview or social event?

Gaining these skills is not as challenging as you might think. You could learn everything you need to know to read others and change your own body language in a matter of just 3 hours.

What is Body Language?

Ever noticed that some people exude a confidence and peace that attracts and puts you at ease while others make you feel uncomfortable right away?

Even if you’ve barely uttered a word between you, within seconds you’ve communicated an unspoken language that’s far more revealing than any verbal dialogue.

Every day we speak to each other subconsciously in a profound way without vocalizing one word. Nonverbal communication makes up 93% of all human interactions and can be far more persuasive than you might believe.

Have you ever spoken with someone who said all the right things but for some unknown reason you still didn't trust him?

The cause of your wariness might seem unclear to you but most likely it's because your mind picked up on deceitful body language without you consciously realizing it.

The Power of Understanding Body Language

Just imagine if you could know instantly if someone was lying to you. Or recognize if someone of the opposite sex was attracted to you or not.

Having the capacity to read people gives you a power that you just can’t buy. No one could ever cheat you. And you would never fall victim to that endless guessing game of whether or not a person wanted to date you.

But more than that, you would know how to speak and act in a way to impress anyone from your new boss to the attractive man or woman who lives down the street.

Believe it or not these skills are not difficult to attain. You could learn everything you need to know to understand body language communication in just 3 hours.

Body Language Revealed

Body Language Revealed is a 3-hour intensive course that takes you through a step-by-step process of how to pick up on the non-verbal cues that you and I emit every day.

By the end of the class, you’ll not only know the ins and outs of body language communication, you’ll also have the ability to transform your own so you can make a lasting impression no matter where you go.

You’ll leave the class with a completely different viewpoint of the world and the power to tackle any social or business situation thrown your way.

Build Confidence Without Even Trying

Whether you realize it or not, you communicate nonverbally to the world each day. Wouldn’t you like to find out how others perceive you? Even better, wouldn’t you like to know how you could change your own body language so you come across as a strong, confident individual?

Body Language Revealed teaches you how to portray confidence without uttering a word. And this newfound skill will be more than just a facade. Once you start assuming the body language of a self-assured individual, you will start to feel confident for real.

Learn to Speak in a Way that Commands Attention

Have you ever attended a lecture on an interesting topic but all you did was watch the clock because the speaker put you to sleep?

Have you ever gone to a presentation on a subject in which you had zero interest but the speaker was so captivating you found that the time just flew by?

Tonality makes up 38% of all human interactions. Any topic, boring or not, has the potential to be interesting. The key to engaging an audience is how you speak, not what you say.

Imagine having the power to transform any mundane topic into an interesting conversation. You could talk to a person of the opposite sex about any subject and have them hang onto your every word.

Or think of the next time you have to give a presentation at work. You could have the entire room so captivated that they can't wait to hear what you have to say next.

Body Language Revealed will instruct you on how to speak in a way that commands people's attention whether it's in a work environment, everyday life, among friends, or on a date.

Conquer the Dating Scene

It’s no secret that trying to find the right person for you can be just brutal.

The dating scene forces us to play a guessing game that just ties us up in knots. How does the person really feel? Does he or she find you attractive? Is this person even right for you? Once you learn to read body language you’ll have the power to know exactly how the other person feels, without him or her ever telling you with words.

More importantly you’ll have the skills to change your own body language so you make a lasting and favorable impression the next time you go on a date.

After attending Body Language Revealed, you’ll know how to inspire positive emotions from people. You’ll understand which negative traits you communicate with your body so you can replace them with attractive ones.

Walk Away A Confident, Self-Assured Person

Body Language Revealed is no traditional, boring lecture. All our classes are highly interactive.

Taking notes is nowhere near as effective as immediately applying what you learned, the moment you learned it.

That’s why our class involves you directly through active participation. You’ll observe and analyze other people's body language and give your opinions. You’ll also learn how others perceive you by receiving direct feedback on your own bearing from your classmates.

At the end of the 3-hour class, you'll have the skills to evaluate what's happening beneath the words at a deeper nonverbal level. And you'll be able to apply all these skills in the real world immediately after leaving the classroom!

Interested? Sign up today so you can learn how to read and change your own body language and transform your life!

Vanquish Your Fear of Dating

Ever wondered if a person of the opposite sex was attracted to you?

Have you dated someone who professed her love only to find that she had been cheating on you all the while?

Even if a person attempts to conceal his deepest emotions, his body language and tonality speak volumes. Body Language Revealed will teach you everything you need to know to uncover a potential love interest’s true feelings.

Build Your Dating Confidence

Whether you’re a social butterfly, or a shy, reserved individual, dating can be stressful.
Distracted by nervous emotions, you might worry about what to say on a date with a person you find attractive. Acting like your true self feels impossible in this anxious state.

Body Language Revealed can eliminate these stressful emotions and transform your dating life.

We’ll teach you how to decipher body language so you’ll know with certainty how a person truly feels about you. Most importantly you’ll gain the knowledge to improve your own body language. Once you start acting like the confident person you want to be, you’ll begin to feel calmer. Slowly anxious feelings will dissipate and you’ll be able to behave just like your normal self.

Attract the Right People

Besides eliminating uncomfortable emotions, Body Language Revealed can teach you how to attract the person you want in your life.

Possessing the ability to elicit positive emotions is key in winning over the opposite sex. People are more apt to want to be in the presence of someone who quite simply makes them feel good. Once you’ve elicited positive emotions in someone, eventually he will want to spend more time with you. The more someone wants to see you, the more of a chance there is to develop a connection.

Body Language Revealed will teach you how to make someone feel good in your presence before you’ve said even one word!

Our step-by-step process teaches you how to elicit positive emotions simply by changing your body language. After you’ve adopted our methods others will start to feel good in your presence with almost no effort on your part!

Proven Dating Advice

At Body Language Revealed, we dedicate ourselves to the study of body language and how it applies to the dating scene. We've researched books and journals as well as dissected interaction videos. For over 10 years we have applied body language principles. We’ve seen firsthand its effect on transforming human interaction. Tested on over 10,000 people during live dating situations, we can say with utmost assurance that our methods work!

Want to conquer your fear of dating? Sign up for Body Language Revealed today and gain the tools to find the right person for you.

Transform Your Professional Life

Do nervous feelings cause you to tank job interviews?

Do you avoid doing work presentations like the plague because the very thought of speaking in front of people sends your heart racing?

Or perhaps you find it stressful simply communicating with your boss, coworkers or subordinates?

Feelings of anxiety could result in poor communication between you and your coworkers or employees. Under such extreme emotional pressures, performing well at job interviews or delivering work related presentations is nearly impossible.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, odds are your job has been a source of great stress for you. But all is not lost. By changing your body language you can conquer these anxious emotions. Giving you the tools to manage challenging situations, Body Language Revealed can transform your professional life.

Learn to Become a Captivating Public Speaker

Overwhelming feelings of nervousness during a speech will make you want to rush through your performance. They confuse your thoughts and make it almost impossible to effectively communicate with your audience. The public will pick up on your anxiety and almost instantly lose interest in what you have to say.

To become an effective public speaker, you need to feel calm and act confidently. Building your self-esteem on your own takes time and a lot of work. But if you simply change your nonverbal communication, you will start to feel at ease almost immediately. And once you feel relaxed, you can focus on your topic. Feelings of anxiety will no longer distract you.

Some people are born great speakers. For the rest of us we have to work at it. Body Language Revealed gives you the tools to captivate any audience, whether you’re a born public speaker or not.

Our class teaches you techniques that will calm you in stressful situations. Not only will you feel more at ease but you’ll also portray confidence. Focusing on your topic will no longer pose a problem and you’ll be able to deliver any presentation with grace and conviction.

Communicate Effectively with Coworkers, Employees and Subordinates

Feel like fellow coworkers or employees don’t respect you?

Do projects take too long to complete because your subordinates have trouble understanding your direction?

Simply change your body language and you’ll find that communication improves dramatically between you and your employees. At Body Language Revealed we’ll teach you techniques that will make giving instruction easier for you to deliver and for your subordinates to understand. Right away you’ll command respect and get the kind of work related results you seek.

If you’re a manager or business owner with employees to oversee, then you don’t want to miss out on the valuable workplace related tips discussed in Body Language Revealed.

Learning by Doing

Highly interactive, Body Language Revealed guides you through calming techniques during the class. By the end of the 3 hours you will know exactly what to do the next time you’re at a job interview, giving a presentation or talking to your employees.

Interested in transforming your professional life? Sign up for Body Language Revealed today and learn how to handle any stressful work situation that comes your way.

Become the Confident, Productive Person You Want to Be

Ever wish you had more hours in the day to do everything you want?

Do you battle feelings of fatigue or apathy at work or home?

Becoming a relaxed, energetic, and productive person is not as difficult as you might imagine. Simply by changing your body language, you could feel better and accomplish more.

Improve Your Everyday Life

It seems almost too simplistic to be true. Just by altering your nonverbal communication you can increase your energy and confidence almost immediately.

Our mind tends to follow our body. If the body feels stressed, tense, or tired- the mind will feel these same emotions.

Alternately, the same concept applies for positive feelings: if the body is relaxed and full of energy, the mind will be alert, and ready for anything.

Do you have a whole list of chores at home or projects at work that need your attention? Are you dragging your feet because you just feel like you can’t get it all done?

Change your body language and you give yourself enough energy and focus to accomplish everything on your to-do list.

It’s that easy.

Increase Your Productivity by at Least 200%

Science proves nonverbal communication has a profound impact on our mental state. Documented studies show that a simple change in posture or facial expression can significantly alter how a person thinks and feels.

We’ve seen it ourselves. Our clients have experienced at least a 200% increase in productivity at work and home. After attending our course they report that they maintain their gym schedule, do more reading, and in general have more time for personal hobbies.

Of course low energy could be caused by a lack of rest, poor diet, or stressed emotional state. But the simple fact remains that our mind and body are capable of much more than we realize.

Body Language Revealed shows you just how adjusting your nonverbal communication will help you tap into that extra source of energy you didn’t know you had. After our 3-hour course, you’ll see firsthand how you can stop procrastinating tasks, focus on work, and devote more time to your hobbies. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can reach your personal and business goals simply by improving your body language.

Success is within your reach. Simply improve your approach and you could attain so much more than you thought possible.

Want to increase your productivity and focus? Sign up today to see how Body Language Revealed can transform your everyday life for the better.

"Body Language Revealed focuses on a crucial aspect of attracting sensational fulfilling relationships. When you feel comfortable in your own skin, you exude confidence and ease and that is what people want to be around. I love that this company is about self-confidence but also knowing how to read and relate to others better. Chris' dedication to helping people lead more connected and happier lives is inspiring and something to watch!"
-Lindsay Chrisler
Dating Coach
"Body Language Revealed is an amazing source for all information about how effective Body Language can change your dating life. Their courses are a must for anyone looking to get on the right path to attraction."