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Dating Revealed
A 3-HOUR Interactive Workshop Guaranteed to Transform Your Dating Life.

Knowing how to read what your date thinks and feels without him or her telling you is an incredibly powerful tool. Besides learning to decipher your date's body language,our 3-hour course takes you step-by-step through a comprehensive process to facilitate finding your ideal partner. You'll learn the answers to the most commonly asked dating questions as well as how to nurture and develop any long-term relationship.

Create A Happy, Successful Dating Life Or Improve The Relationship You’re In…

The dating scene can feel like an impossible maze to solve. Trying to find the right person and initiating contact can be a challenge for even the most outgoing individual. Then you have to deal with the endless questions that run through your mind: Does he or she like me? Should I wait longer to call? Am I moving too fast or too slow?

And even if you have already met your soul mate, keeping the relationship fire burning over the years requires a significant amount of work from both parties… Our 3-hour intensive dating class can give you the skills you need to conquer the dating scene or dramatically improve the relationship you’re in.

Find the Right Person For You

Creating a happy dating life can be more than just a pipe dream. Our 3-hour course takes you step-by-step through a comprehensive process to facilitate finding your ideal partner.

Step #1: Figure out what type of relationship you want.

You can’t find what you want if you don't have a clear idea of what you're looking for in the first place. Our initial step in helping you create a happy dating life is having you focus in on just what exactly you need.

Step #2: Figure out the kind of person who can give you the type of relationship you’re looking for.

Whether it’s casual dating, a committed relationship, or marriage you seek, we will give you the tools to help identify the type of a person capable of giving you what you want. You’ll be able to focus on the right people and ignore the ones that just waste your time.

Step #3: Increase the odds by meeting more people…. a lot more people.

After our 3-hour class you’ll have the tools to expand the amount of people you encounter every day. And not just a few more people. We promise after our class you will increase the number of people you meet by at least 200% to 300%.

You’ll Meet More People Than You Ever Have In Your Entire Life

Not only will you meet a ton of new people you will also be able to tell immediately who you should focus on and who you should avoid.

Step #4: Maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

After you’ve found your ideal match, you’ll want to cultivate a healthy relationship that will last for years to come. Search the Internet, television or print media and you’ll find countless advice on relationships. Despite this endless barrage of information, our country still has a 55% divorce rate and many unhappy marriages.

Our course offers you something outside the mainstream. We cover strategies that not only keep couples together but also produce happy long-term relationships and marriages. You’ll learn how you can improve communication with your partner, increase mutual trust, and enhance your sex life. Plus you’ll learn to:

Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes that DESTROY Every Relationship

Do you ever wonder what you did wrong in your last relationship and why it ended? In our research we discovered three common mistakes that occur in every failed romance. Find out what these mistakes are, and learn how to correct them so they don’t happen to you.

Learn to Navigate the Dating Scene

Besides our 4-step process on finding and nurturing an ideal relationship, we help address those annoying and commonly asked questions that everyone faces when trying to find the perfect match.

“How long should I wait before I call or text someone I just met?”

Call too soon and you look desperate. Call too late and he or she has forgotten who you are or thinks you’re not interested. Our dating class teaches you how to develop the perfect timing so you seem confident and in control.

“How do I make a good impression on the first date?”

Want to know where you should go on your first date so you can establish a real connection between the two of you? We teach you how to make every date the kind that leaves a life long impression on both of you. You'll learn which dating activities are best for sparking chemistry. You’ll leave the class feeling more secure about your dating life than ever before.

“Am I revealing too much on dates or am I holding back more than I should?”

You don’t want to overwhelm your date with too much personal information. But you also don’t want to leave out certain things about yourself that could be seen as deceitful and sabotage a potentially great relationship either. In our class, you’ll discover the fine line between revealing too much, too soon and holding too much back.

“Should I kiss her now or wait until she knows me better?”

Do you feel like going in for the kiss with a woman you recently met, but fear it might be too soon and you’ll scare her away? Learn how to tell when a woman is ready for you to make a move.

“Is he the type to lose interest in me if I kiss or sleep with him too soon?”

Do you find yourself holding back on getting intimate with the men you date because you're worried about being labeled as “loose”? Do you fear that having sex with a man too early might disqualify you as a candidate for a serious relationship? Our class will let you know how to tell if the man you're seeing is the type to judge you for being with him too soon. Plus you’ll learn how to know when it’s the perfect time to get physical.

“How do I approach strangers?”

See a man or woman you're attracted to in the street, the gym, store, or a bar but you don't know what to say? The best pick-up line in the world will flop if you come off as nervous and insecure. We'll teach you how to approach anyone, anywhere and instantly appear confident, relaxed, and interesting… all before you’ve said one word. We'll also give you the best icebreakers that we’ve tested on over 10,000 people!

“Is she attracted to me?”

Not sure if the person you like feels the same way about you? Despite what people tell you with their words their body language reveals everything you need to know about their true emotions. Wondering if your friend has a crush on you? Want to know which coworkers can't stand you and which ones want to be more than just office buddies? Want to find out if your husband or wife is still attracted to you? We'll teach you which body signals tell the real story about a person’s feelings.

“How do I get him to trust me and open up to me?”

Feel like your partner is holding back or taking too long to open up to you? He or she could be wary to talk candidly because you haven't earned enough of his or her trust. Learn how to get the person you care about to instantly drop his or her guard around you. Our comprehensive dating course reveals all these answers and more. After just 3 hours, you’ll walk away confidant and secure in finding the right person for you. Want to learn everything you need to know to conquer the dating scene? Sign up today and discover how you can create a happy, successful dating life.

"Body Language Revealed focuses on a crucial aspect of attracting sensational fulfilling relationships. When you feel comfortable in your own skin, you exude confidence and ease and that is what people want to be around. I love that this company is about self-confidence but also knowing how to read and relate to others better. Chris' dedication to helping people lead more connected and happier lives is inspiring and something to watch!"
-Lindsay Chrisler
Dating Coach
"Body Language Revealed is an amazing source for all information about how effective Body Language can change your dating life. Their courses are a must for anyone looking to get on the right path to attraction."